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You made it 

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I had a beautiful daydream this morning

of people scattered across 

a golden grass hillside-

some gathered by the tents and a big movie screen

waiting for the cover of darkness

some walking along a dirt path between the tents and the house

kids shouting and running between each other

two friends staring out at the landscape

A wheelbarrow full of flowers

Golden hourThe smell of toast.

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I’ve been crossed

And I’ve been doubted

I’ve lied before

And been a chore


Sometimes the only things pretty and shiny

Are the rocks in the stream

And the sunlight behind me

It takes no effort then to glow

However tall however low


I felt up there some heavenly gesture

Waving gayly

Dancing circles

Laughing flowers in view of grace

Who’d never before

Known a sense of place

Like I feel nothing more


Rocks in the stream

Sunlight behind me

However tall however low


Build your trust in the opening


spring back the Hopes you grow

Reach out your hand to flowers and fruit

Bite the soft skin

taste the sweet in the bruise

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